Isabella Caravelli is beautiful, stubborn, and perfect . . . or so people say. But the reality is, Isabella’s a lot less confident and composed than people give her credit for—especially when she’s out of her comfort zone. When she’s forced to spend a month hanging out with kids who aren’t impressed by “perfect” Isabella, Izzy has learn to be a real friend, and not just the popular girl.

Polly Pierce used to like being the second most popular girl at Winston Academy, right after her best friend Kelsy. She doesn't like being called Plastic Polly behind her back, though. When Polly is unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight, she has to prove that she has her own opinions, not just Kelsy’s.

Meet the characters of some of the new ALADDIN M!X books and get to know them even better by reading the books!

Jordan Jacoby, also know as JJ, is just your average twelve-year-old living in an average town in Delaware. That is, until she goes on an exchange program in London. When she manages to get trapped in London’s biggest department store overnight, her wish for adventure is about to be granted!

Maddie Evans prides herself on being the gossip queen of Troy Middle School. But when she accidentally spills her BFF's secret, she has to stop gossiping for thirty days or lose her friend forever! Gossip is fun but Maddie learns that friendship is A LOT more important.

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