Remember your first true friend?

Firefly, Cricket, Vole, and Peter are four creatures from four very different nations.
But to live their dreams, they first have to brave being friends.



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START READING NOW order your copies now THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS that are taught to the young fireflies and crickets of the Hollow. But Firefly doesn’t only want to learn how to fly—she wants to touch the moon. And Cricket doesn’t only want to sing about baseball games—he wants to play in one. Their dreams seem too big for the Hollow, and as Firefly and Cricket chase them beyond the trees, they stumble upon a giant, like the ones they have always been warned about. But this giant is different—he’s miniature, and
his name is Peter. Peter is in need of friends, even small ones, even if his dad thinks they 
are imaginary. But Firefly and Cricket are actual, not imaginary. And 
so are their dreams. And sometimes dreams, like friendships, lead to something extraordinary. Firefly Hollow is a tale of glowing dreams and powerful friendships; one that 
shows when life seems heavy, there’s a magic in friendship that will float, like a raft built just for you.