Everything is about to change…

Mack, Fiona, Darren, and Gabriella aren’t exactly friends in their middle school—in fact, they couldn’t have anything less in common. But when they start developing powers, including the ability to transform into mythological animals, they find out that they are Changers, a line of magical shapeshifters that history has forgotten.


Can these four very different kids band together in time to save their home…and the world?






is a kitsune: From Japanese folklore, a kitsune can transform into a magical fox; kitsunes can control fire, create illusions, and earn up to nine tails by accomplishing heroic deeds.


is a nahual: From Mesoamerican (Aztec) folklore, a nahual can transform into a jaguar with incredible strength, speed, and spiritual power.


is an impundulu: From South African tribal folklore, an impundulu can transform into a massive bird that can control lightning at will and create massive storms.


is a selkie: From Scottish and Irish folklore, selkies put on a special cloak to transform into a seal; a selkie's songs can control the ocean waves and tide, summon

storms, and even bind magic.

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