Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other. "The Misfits" are given the chance to finally stand up and discover who they really are.
ISBN: 9780689839559
The Misfits
Description: Kids who get called the worst names oftentimes find each other. "The Misfits" are given the chance to finally stand up and discover who they really are.

Praise for James Howe


Praise for the MISFITS Series


Praise for THE MISFITS


“A fast, funny, tender story that will touch readers.” —Booklist, starred review


“A knockout, one of the best of the year.” —San Francisco Chronicle


“[A] timely, sensitive, laugh-out-loud must-read for all middle school students and teachers. This book is needed.” —Voice of Youth Advocates



Praise for TOTALLY JOE


“This narrator is anything but an average Joe: He’s candid, memorable, and—though he might find this hard to believe—totally charismatic.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review


“A character that lives and breathes with all of the inconsistencies, fears, and longings of your normal, average seventh-grade homosexual.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review





“Howe’s artfully crafted lines show Addie’s intelligence and wit . . . Readers will empathize with Addie’s anguish and admire her courage to keep fighting.”

—Publishers Weekly, starred review


“Howe completely captures what it is like to be a thirteen-year-old girl. . . . Addie negotiates the corridors of middle school with thoughtful determination; she’s a young woman with a lot to say. Add this fine novel to the growing list of novels in verse.”  —School Library Journal, starred review


“A compelling and moving story about growing up and out.” —Booklist


“[Addie’s] forthright observations address serious topics with a maturity

beyond her age.” —Kirkus Reviews





“Skeezie’s story shares the series’ strengths . . . a powerful affirmation of friendship, compassion and the right to be accepted for who we are.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“Howe skillfully blends humor and pathos, effectively conveying the protagonist’s conflicted feelings, even through his wisecracks, and his characterization is robust and nuanced . . . A most fitting and satisfying conclusion.”  —School Library Journal


“Once again, Howe shows uncanny understanding of adolescent concerns and vulnerabilities, painting a realistically complicated portrait of a boy’s coming of age.” —Publishers Weekly


“A fitting final installment in the series. Each of the books has a distinct voice, reflecting the individual protagonist’s personality, yet they fit together perfectly, just likethe friends themselves.” —Booklist



Praise for the BUNNICULA Series


“Move over, Dracula!” —The New York Times


“Bunnicula is the kind of story that does not age, and in all probability, will never die. Or stay dead, anyway….”  —Neil Gaiman


“Bunnicula was one funny, scary, must-read vampire bunny when he first showed up...Very scary. Very Funny.” —Jon Scieszka


“Jim Howe is the king! Bunnicula rules!” —Dav Pilkey


“As a kid, I saw the classic movie Dracula and became instantly afraid of vampires. Many years later, I read the classic children’s book Bunnicula. Now—in addition to vampires—I am also afraid of bunnies. I hope you’re happy, Jim.” —Barbara Park


“Scrumptiously silly.” —Publishers Weekly


“A madcap tale with clever character twists and plots going hilariously awry.”

—Kirkus Reviews