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For fans of Americanah and Swing Time

Hardcover: 9781501196010

Ebook: 9781501196034

Gallery Books, March 2019

Literary Fiction/African American Women


A Novel

By Candice Carty-Williams

Set in modern-day London, Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams is a story about the power of unconditional love from family and friends. Queenie Jenkins is struggling: her boyfriend broke up with her; her job at a local paper feels aimless; and her family’s present and past continuously haunt her. Though her life might be falling apart, her multi-generational Jamaican family and fiercely loyal friends stand beside her in the most trying of times. The novel teems with moments of heart-breaking sympathy and sweeping empathy, making Queenie a funny, wounded, confused, and devastatingly relatable heroine. You'll root for her too, and wish she'd add you to her group text called The Corgis. Why? Because the corgis love their Queen.

For fans of The Woman in the Window and The Wife Between Us

Hardcover: 9781501199110

Ebook: 9781501199134

Scribner, January 2019

Literary Fiction/Psychological Thriller


A Novel

By Laura Sims

The unnamed narrator in Laura Sims’s Looker is recently separated from her husband and unhappily alone in their apartment. In this taut and thrilling narrative, she gradually turns her resentment and longing on a woman who appears to have it all, becoming dangerously obsessed with the glamorous actress who lives on her block. In the vein of bestsellers like The Girl on the Train and The Woman in the Window, this short and intense read features an unreliable protagonist, elements of voyeurism, and a shocking twist that makes it impossible to put down.

For fans of Exit West and Home Fire

Hardcover: 9781501195648

Ebook: 9781501195655

Simon & Schuster, February 2019

Urban Fiction/Cultural Heritage

Such Good Work

A Novel

By Johannes Lichtman

Jonas’s voice, keen observations, social commentary, and directness immediately drew me into the life of a man whose varying career and cross-country moves render him both an insider and an outsider. We see him as a struggling professor whose assignments include attending strangers’ funerals; as a drug addict hovering between recovery and temptation; as a Swedish American Malmo transplant navigating language and culture in his mother’s homeland; as a witness to the refugee crisis that’s evolved into a political groundswell of talking points and self-serving platforms. At every step of this road, I wished for Jonas to succeed, all while slowly understanding that life has no formulas, only people, places, questions, desires, moments.

For fans of You’ll Grow Out of It and Devotion

Hardcover: 9781982102807

Ebook: 9781982102821

Touchstone, April 2019

Personal Memoirs/Life Stages

I Miss You When I Blink


By Mary Laura Philpott

Readers will appreciate Philpott’s deeply personal, often profound, but also simultaneously comedic, reflections on life. She reassures us that it’s okay to ask, “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?”  I saw both my confident and insecure self in her essays and knew my friends would too. I Miss You When I Blink is a book to share with your girlfriends and discuss at your book club.

Spring 2019 Essential Nonfiction