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Rosemary Wells, children’s book author and illustrator and the creator of beloved bunnies Max and Ruby, talks about her artistic process and her latest picture book—Max & Ruby and Twin Trouble.

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Filigree's Midnight Ride

By Pam Berkman and Dorothy Hearst • Illustrated by Claire Powell

Filigree may be a small puff of a Pomeranian but he has a big, brave heart. As the Revere family dog, he’s ready to do his part to help the American colonists stand up to the British soldiers. But the other dogs of the revolution think Filigree is a tiny little joke. The Reveres’ daughter Frances is the only one who believes in him. When Frances’s father, Paul Revere, leaves home on a secret mission, Filigree and Frances know they have to help, no matter how dangerous it might be. This chapter book is the first in a new adventure series that takes on different important moments in history. It’s adorably illustrated and perfect for animal lovers of all kinds (cats and horses also aid Filigree on his quest), and an author’s note gives additional historical information to this sweet and fun tale.

HC: 9781534433335; PB: 9781534433328; EB: 9781534433342; August 27, 2019; ages 6–9

Come Sit with Me

By Tina Gallo • Illustrated by Luke Seguin-Magee

Have you ever heard of a buddy bench? It is a place where children can sit when they’re feeling lonely or looking for someone to play with. Come Sit with Me is a Level 2 Ready-to-Read that tells a story of friendship and buddy benches through Crayola colors. It also includes backmatter on the history of buddy benches, tips on being kind, and advice on how to start your own buddy bench! This book’s on-sale date is timed with National Bullying Prevention Month, so we hope it’ll be your go-to title for topics about friendship and community building.

HC: 9781534450998; PB: 9781534450806; EB: 9781534450813; August 27, 2019; ages 5–7

What's the Matter with Newton?

Monsters Among Us!

By Mark Young • Illustrated by Mariano Epelbaum

What’s the Matter with Newton? and Monsters Among Us! are the first two books in a new middle grade series called Franken-Sci High that Simon & Schuster is creating in partnership with the Jim Henson company. It’s about a school for mad scientists that boasts an anti-gravity café that lets you eat in mid-air, vacuum tube elevators that make your hair look like Albert Einstein’s, and a mysterious student named Newton Warp.

In the first book, What’s the Matter with Newton?, Newton wakes up in the school library’s brain bank with no idea who he is or where he came from . . . and a strange barcode on his foot.

In the second book, Monsters Among Us!, there are reports of a giant monster loose on campus! With two pages of art in every chapter, this wacky, funny series is great for reluctant readers and sure to create a new generation of science fiction fans. The next book in the series, The Robot Who Knew Too Much, is coming in spring 2020.

What’s the Matter with Newton? HC: 9781481491310; PB: 9781481491303; EB: 9781481491327; August 27, 2019; ages 8–12

Monsters Among Us HC: 9781481491341; PB: 9781481491334; EB: 9781481491358; September 24, 2019; ages 8–12

The Story That Cannot Be Told

By J. Kasper Kramer

This masterful debut middle-grade novel weaves together folklore and history to tell the story of a girl finding her voice and the strength to use it during the violent last months of the Communist regime in Romania. It’s a remarkable book that’s part history, part adventure, and part thriller. It’s also a story about family and friendship and bravery. I would have loved it at ten. I love it now. And I hope you love it too, whatever age your inner reader may be.

HC: 9781534430686; EB: 9781534430709; Audio: 9781797100203; October 8, 2019; Ages 8–12

People Share with People

By Lisa Wheeler • Illustrated by Molly Idle

Rhyming genius Lisa Wheeler and Caldecott Honoree Molly Idle, the winning team behind People Don’t Bite People, have reunited to tap into a childhood problem even MORE universal than biting: sharing. There are certainly many books about sharing out there but these ladies have a sense of humor that is incomparable, and what I love in particular is that they’re covering some interesting degrees of nuance about things we shouldn’t share like hats and combs; things we need to let others finish with before we ask them politely to share; and then of course there’s a heartwarming ending about how we all share this great big world together. With its charming and snappy rhythm and a heartfelt message we all could use, this book is just a perfect choice to share with your readers!

HC: 9781534425590; EB: 9781534425606; September 10, 2019; Ages 4–8

The Trouble with Shooting Stars

By Meg Cannistra

Meg Cannistra’s debut novel is a mix of Mary Poppins and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. After a car accident that left her face broken and scarred and her dad housebound in a wheelchair, the only time Luna feels comfortable is at night, when she’s drawing what she sees around her. Including the magical Italian family that moves next door, who begin to notice her watching them and eventually invite her up in their zeppelin to sweep the moon and stars. This story is cozy and soothing, with seven illustrations of what Luna draws—and a lovingly intrusive family I’ve fallen in love with.

HC: 9781534428966; EB: 9781534428980; August 20, 2019; Ages 8–12

The Book Rescuer

By Sue Macy • Illustrated by Stacy Innerst

 While I was editing The Book Rescuer, I constantly had my dad’s voice impersonating his own Yiddish-speaking grandmother echoing in my mind. It made the book personal and extra special. This is the story of Aaron Lansky, who set out to save the world’s Yiddish books. In doing so, he preserved the culture and history of generations of Jews. Aaron founded the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, which today houses over a million books. This book is a celebration of language, literature, and culture. When author Sue Macy received the first bound copy of The Book Rescuer, she wrote to me, “I wish my grandmother could see it. She’d be pleased.” I feel the same way.

HC: 9781481472203; EB: 9781481472210; October 1, 2019; Ages 4–8

Pokko and the Drum

Written and Illustrated by Matthew Forsythe

Booksellers have fallen in love with this book; from the very first page, you are hooked! “The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving her a drum. They had made mistakes before.” Matthew Forsythe's illustrations are bursting with energy and joy and will please children and parents alike. As Publishers Weekly said in a starred review, “In embracing one’s own beat, Pokko discovers, extraordinary things can happen.”

HC: 9781481480390; EB: 9781481480406; October 10, 2019; Ages 4–8

Pluto Gets the Call

By Adam Rex • Illustrated by Laurie Keller

This book was a true collaboration between two acclaimed—and deeply funny—picture book creators. Adam Rex and Laurie Keller tell the story of Pluto, who loves being a planet. But when two Earth scientists call to tell him he’s no longer a planet, he takes the reader on a tour of the solar system to meet the other planets, from Neptune to Mercury. They even stop and talk to the sun herself. The journey is chock full of planetary facts mixed with hilarious dialogue, some of which was added by Laurie as she created the illustrations. Young readers will be having so much fun they won’t even notice they’re learning tons of information about our solar system.”

HC: 9781481445566; EB: 9781481445573; November 5, 2019; Ages 4–8

Roly Poly

By Mem Fox • Illustrated by Jane Dyer • Photographs by Jeanne Birdsall

This book reunites the full team that created the beloved classic book Time for Bed—Mem, Jane, and editor Allyn Johnston—in their first collaboration since that book was published in 1993. This is a story of adjusting to a new sibling, both the rivalry that ensues and the strong bond that forms between siblings. We especially love the unique art style, which is a new technique for Jane Dyer. Using wool from her pet sheep Blossom, Jane created the polar bear figures with a process called needle felting, then posed them in elaborate dioramas. They were then photographed by her friend and neighbor, beloved kidlit author Jeanne Birdsall. This book is truly a labor of love from an all-star team!”

HC: 9781534414532; EB: 9781534414549; November 12, 2019; Ages 3–8

Parker Looks Up

By Parker Curry and Jessica Curry • Illustrated by Brittany Jackson

What are the moments in one’s life that forever change or perhaps determine one’s path? For Parker Curry, it was a rainy day in March 2018 when she came face-to-face with Amy Sherald’s transcendent portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama at Washington, DC’s National Portrait Gallery. Parker didn't just see the First Lady of the United States; she saw a queen—one with dynamic self-assurance, regality, truth and the possibility and promise, the hopes and dreams of herself in this powerful painting. Parker Looks Up tells the story of Parker’s day at the museum and captures the magic and meaning of this extraordinary moment that continues to resonate its power, inspiration, and indelible impact. It’s a celebration of family, of representation, of history, of art. Includes an afterword by Amy Sherald!

HC: 9781534451865; EB: 9781534451872; October 15, 2019; Ages 4–8

Our Wayward Fate

By Gloria Chao

Our Wayward Fate by Gloria Chao follows a Taiwanese-American girl named Ali Chu, who feels alienated from her peers as the only non-white person at school in her small Midwestern town. But when another Taiwanese-American teen boy—who happens to also be extremely cute—moves in, he sets off a chain of events that forces Ali to question everything she thought she knew about her family, her past, and her future. This book has it all—a strong-willed, sassy heroine; a swoony romance; and juicy family drama that will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time. But more than that, this book dives deeply into the devastating impact of what can happen when communication lines break down within a family. Gloria’s debut novel, American Panda, was published to some seriously phenomenal acclaim, garnering a whopping four starred reviews, JLG and Indie Next selections, as well as pick-up from major media outlets like The Wall Street Journal. Bestselling author David Arnold says it best when he talks about this book, saying, “No one writes family in all its beauty and complexity like Gloria Chao.”

HC: 9781534427617; EB: 9781534427631; Audio: 9781508299301; October 15, 2019; Ages 12 & up

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