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New York Times bestselling author and popular lifestyle blogger Erin Gates shares everything you need to know about designing a beautifully stylish—yet practical and functional—family home through candid advice, inspirational ideas, and lessons learned.

“By far the most important thing I’ve learned through designing homes for dozens of loving families and my own, is that a house is only a home when it’s filled with the people you love. No place will feel as special as the one that’s full of laughter and love. I’ve also discovered that even the most pristine, swoon-worthy spaces won’t be fun to live with if you can’t live in them. Like our families, our homes are always evolving and must be adaptable and functional as well as beautiful. That’s what makes life interesting and pleasurable.

I hope this book inspires you to create the kind of home that you can feel not only proud of but also comfortable in, surrounded by the people who light up your world.”

—Erin Gates

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