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Join us for a walk down the lane!

A note from Marla Frazee about the Beach Lane Books logo:

“Allyn grew up on the beach in Malibu, and she lives at the beach in San Diego today. The beautiful and various moods of the ocean are as much a part of Allyn's life as books are, and it is no wonder that her imprint will reflect this influence.

Throughout my life in Southern California, I have spent many hours at the beach, too. When the afternoon sun is low on the horizon, everyone and everything—adult, child, Frisbee, dog—is cast into glorious silhouette. When Allyn asked me to design the logo for her new imprint, I hoped to capture that sense of shimmering light, as well as the tangible feeling of walking barefoot on wet sand, bucket in hand, looking for treasure.

To me, Beach Lane Books embodies exactly that spirit of what a day at the beach offers—the wide scope combined with the intimate experience of personal discovery.”